Sustainability Director

The Sustainability Director is a new position providing a link between Greener Oconomowoc and institutions such as schools, churches, assisted living centers, nursing homes and day cares to encourage involvement in environmental stewardship and promote green practices.

This community liaison will meet with administrators, teachers, committees and personnel to offer ideas and support such as:

·      Assistance in finding grants for sustainable projects and those that promote Environmental Education,

·      Recommendation of speakers, activities and field trip sites to enhance curricular/club/activity goals which focus on nature, recycling, gardening, energy conservation, etc.

·      Provide literature and website suggestions for specific sustainable activities.

Some examples of past project involvement:

1. Assisted in the planning of the construction of an educational school garden at St. Bruno Parish School and a church garden at St. Joan of Arc which provides vegetables to local food pantries,

2. Advised Oconomowoc District personnel who initiated composting, a vegetable garden and a rain garden at Silver Lake Intermediate School,

3. Linked the Wisconsin Green Building Alliance with Park Lawn and Ixonia School administrators for possible grant assistance,

4. Provided vermi-compost education to elementary students at Park Lawn School, St. Joan of Arc School, Silver Lake Intermediate personnel, tour groups at the Genessee Lake School and shoppers at the Oconomowoc Winter Farmers Market,

5. Provided Books for Loan to interested individuals.

For a 2 minute, entertaining presentation of what “sustainability” really means, click on the youtube video below.