Oconomowoc's Ash trees need your help!

Ash trees are about to die if we do not protect them against the Emerald Ash Borer infestation.
Help make sure that the City of Oconomowoc keeps our trees. Make your voice heard by calling Brian Spencer or John Kelliher with the City Forestry Department to voice your concern.

Community Gardens

Why Garden?

The garden is a place where people can enjoy being outdoors, whether working alone or bonding as a family.  It is a place where people can grow tasty, nutritious pesticide-free food.  People can feel a sense of accomplishment at the garden as they become better at growing plants of their choices, as well as a feeling of independence and empowerment in knowing they can provide for their own basic needs in a sustainable manner.

We are happy to announce that Greener Oconomowoc’s Worthington Street Community Garden has been open since May 31, 2011! 

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